Micro explorations, observations and activities that I suggest you try. Note: I am not liable for any injuries that may occur on your actioning of my suggestions. That's totally your problem.

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suggest-indiansprings + high-res version

May I Suggest: Indian Springs

Hop in a car with your mom and head north over the Golden Gate Bridge to Calistoga, where hot springs and mud baths are a plenty. Book an early morning massage at Indian Springs and enjoy an entire day of nothingness, lounging by the enormous geyser-fed, hot-hot-hot mineral pool. In the likely event you lose your ability to move your body due to extreme relaxation, I suggest you avoid the deep end.

suggest-foggybeach + high-res version

May I Suggest: A Foggy Beach Day

Take a ride to your nearest beach on a less desirable day – the foggier, the moodier, the overcastier the better. Enjoy exploring the eerie atmosphere, get lost in your solitude and consider the stark contrast of the beach on a sunny day. If I were you, I would avoid swimming, drowning and falling off cliffs. No one will find you.

sugget-sunsethike + high-res version

May I Suggest: A Sunset Hike

Grab a group of good pals and head north over the Golden Gate Bridge to the top of Mount Tam. Follow the narrow, curvy roads up and up through the hills and trees. Pick one of the many scenic places to stop and hike on up just before sunset. May I suggest a nice bottle of wine to sip as the sun sets. Be sure to drink in moderation unless you actually want the hike down to get ugly.