Micro explorations, observations and activities that I suggest you try. Note: I am not liable for any injuries that may occur on your actioning of my suggestions. That's totally your problem.

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suggest-lookingup + high-res version

May I Suggest: Looking Up

When you’re walking to wherever it is you go again, spend some time looking up at the buildings around you. Take notice to patterns and details, windows and escape routes. Make sure no one is trying to escape while you’re doing it, they’re likely to land on your face.

suggest-midnight + high-res version

May I Suggest: Midnight on the Roof

If you’re lucky enough to have access to your roof, take a moment to go up there at midnight and observe the environment around you. For an extra special treat, wait to do this during a full moon and bring some music with you. Two things to note: if you fall, it’s not my fault. If someone thinks you’re a robber, jump.