Micro explorations, observations and activities that I suggest you try. Note: I am not liable for any injuries that may occur on your actioning of my suggestions. That's totally your problem.

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suggest-dusk + high-res version

May I Suggest: Dusk on Tank Hill

From wherever you are head north, east, south, west or some combination of those directions up to Tank Hill just before the sun sets. Stay for a while and take in the incredible views of the San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, and everything in between as the glow of the sun sinks into shades of pink on it’s way down. Be prepared to be blown away. Literally. It’s really windy up there.

suggest-roses + high-res version

May I Suggest: The Rose Garden

Walk, ride, bike or bus over to the very expansive Golden Gate Park. Here, you’ll find lots of hidden delights and surprises like the rose garden, secretly tucked away beyond the museums. Spend some time exploring the varietals, enjoying the lovely scents and admiring the colors, shapes and sizes of the seemingly endless beds of roses. Always remember one thing: roses have thorns so don’t go falling in.

sugget-sunsethike + high-res version

May I Suggest: A Sunset Hike

Grab a group of good pals and head north over the Golden Gate Bridge to the top of Mount Tam. Follow the narrow, curvy roads up and up through the hills and trees. Pick one of the many scenic places to stop and hike on up just before sunset. May I suggest a nice bottle of wine to sip as the sun sets. Be sure to drink in moderation unless you actually want the hike down to get ugly.

suggest-midnight + high-res version

May I Suggest: Midnight on the Roof

If you’re lucky enough to have access to your roof, take a moment to go up there at midnight and observe the environment around you. For an extra special treat, wait to do this during a full moon and bring some music with you. Two things to note: if you fall, it’s not my fault. If someone thinks you’re a robber, jump.